Opinions on ‘Donald MacIntyre Unsolved’

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Watched an episode of ‘Donald MacIntyre Unsolved’ last night – Spoiler alert. A 35 year old woman had disappeared without a trace. Her name was Claudia Lawrence and she was a chef at the University of York. I love the mystery aspect of the programme but I often think there is something else in the investigation that is being withheld from the viewer. A vital clue that would lead you to a conclusion but probably not a suspect in these types of crimes.

Apparently march 18th, 2009 was the last date anyone saw Claudia alive. She had walked to work as usual, around 5am. Worked through the day and given a lift home for 2.50pm. She phoned her mum, displaying no anxiety or upset. The last text she sent was 8.23pm, all normal. The phone signal died at midnight, it said. It was said in the programme that she always made sure the phone was charged for the next day.

There was some cctv apparently of interest that was shown. At 7.15pm on the 18th a figure with a bag walked around to the alley behind her house and a minute later walked back around and off. The same cctv caught a similar figure doing exactly the same thing at 5.07am the next morning. It looked like a man but wouldn’t have had time to get into the house from the alley in the time he took on the cctv. Nothing else was noted or came out in the programme about activity around the house on the night and morning of 18th march, 2009.

A big red light for me turned up later in the show when it came out that she had lots of partners, some married or of dubious moral background. While her life is obviously her own a clandestine entanglement lends itself to being alone with someone you don’t know alot about. In places where almost no-one knows where you are at any given time. Donald Macintyre at the end even said at the end that she may have stayed at a lovers house that night.

The police investigation caused some controversy among Claudia’s friends and family by issuing a photograph showing her with the wrong coloured hair. It took a while to get it removed and a new one issued. The attitude of the police to witnesses was criticised too as it was felt they alienated people with their questioning. An interested sky reporter told how he was warned off and threatened by people he asked about Claudia’s habits, etc.

No real breakthrough in the investigation and watching it was a little dissatisfying as a conclusion at the end was missing. There were too many unanswered questions really.

That lack of a conclusion spurred me on the scour other literature and reports online. A Sun article dated 3/12/2019, introduces the theory convicted killer Christopher Halliwell might have been involved in her disapperance. There is loads to look at and it would be a real job to look and document it all. In a nutshell the authorities say there is no way that Halliwell had anything to do with Claudia’s disappearance. Despite the investigation into him only having £40,000 and the Senior investigating officer was sure Halliwell killed lots of other women. The investigation into other murders was halted because of procedural errors. However there are a few tantalising things linking him to Claudia’s case. The date, 18th march was significant to Halliwell, he’d broken up with a partner on march 19th, he’d killed another woman on march 19th Sian O’Callaghan in 2011. Also it has come to light that Halliwell’s dad lived close to Claudia Lawrence’s home so it’s possible Halliwell might have known her.

From my own experience walking to work in the early hours I found that I attracted unwanted attention from odd people. So I tried to vary my times and route. That worked a lot of the time. With Claudia walking the same route at the same time I could understand her being noticed by undesirables sooner or later. Her colourful private life was an invite to safety issues too. The person of interest on evening of the 18th and the early hours of 19th was interesting. Going around the back of Claudia’s house on both occassions seemed to be checking if someone was in. Especially the morning of the 19th going round the back of Claudia’s house at 5.07am. With Claudia going work at 5am, perhaps the prowler on cctv was checking if a light was on in a back room or bedroom suggesting Claudia was still at home and was late or that no-one was in if no lights were showing. Leading the prowler to come out of the alley behind Claudia’s house even quicker than than they had the previous night at 7.15pm. Leading me to think that the prowler was interested in knowing where Claudia was that night and so was unlikely to be the perpetrator. I think that Donald MacIntyre’s theory that Claudia was not at home overnight seems very credible bearing in mind the prowlers actions. Perhaps he’d heard someone down the ‘Wolf Pack’ pub saying they were going on a date with Claudia or something and was checking if Claudia was at home to check. It would have helped if the police had checked where her phone said she was too. What do you think?

Covid-19 Vaccine Passports.

According to Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer scientist, we have alot to fear from the implementation of ‘vaccine passports’. He thinks they will be used as a gateway to numerous things, all of them bad for us. His belief is that it will lead to mass killing, without an obvious culprit. Key players like Bill Gates, Boris Johnson and his father, apparently, are all maniacal about the earth being overpopulated.

It sounds way over the top and beyond the bounds of reality, at the moment. However so much has happened over the past year that has made people question their idea of reality, that far out ideas held by scientists about the future deserve to be aired.

Dr Yeadon says he knows enough about biotechnology to know that it is easy to create, say, pathogens. “Which don’t look like they are related to what you have done.”

If that is separated in time as well, so an injection which will later make you ill or kill you, can be separated by design in time from the actual injection. The true nature of the endgame will not become clear. Especially if different pathogens are used for different people, It would be possible to get rid of large swathes of the population and everyone would be running around like headless chickens wondering why it was happening.

What a scenario, very hard to get your head around it after living in a time when the state is believed to be caring for their population.

Dr Yeadon believes the proof lies in the correlation between deaths and the rollout of the vaccines.

He said “If you look at every regional health authority, they tick up on the same day, they peak on the same day and drop back in the same way and that’s because they are synced to vaccination.” If it was the spreading of an epidemic, it could not possibly occur in all places at once.

The thing that moved was the vaccination squads. They started on December 8th everywhere in the NHS and then into care homes, so the strong clue for Dr Yeadon, that what was correlating with the time and cause of deaths was not a geographical history and neither were the differences in timing, it was the date of vaccination.

I watch an independent news podcast called ‘UKColumn News’ and the team on there picked up that where the vaccinations were being done there was a spike in deaths which lasted the duration of the vaccination period. Namely in NHS hospitals and care homes targeted for the vaccine rollout. Therefore the correlation Dr Yeadon mentions, with deaths following the vaccination timings seems viable. Especially when taken with The Norwegian care home deaths of January 2021 after mRNA jabs. Other deaths in care homes around the world put down to frailty but happening shortly after jabs. Also reports in the Times of Israel 26/04/21, reporting 62 cases of myocarditis in men under 30 after mRNA jabs. Bearing in mind that only a very small minority of deaths and adverse reactions will make it into official figures. There is a lot of official suppression going on because ‘everyone needs to be vaccinated’.

The views of Dr Mike Yeadon contained in this blog are drawn from an interview for ‘Daily Expose’. The vaccine passport idea will be used to allow the discrimination against the ‘unvaccinated’ to be implemented with a high degree of precision. Leading to more and more people being vaccinated until the number of ‘unvaccinated’ becomes manageable for official forces.

He fears for the position of ‘unvaccinated’ people who are left by next winter. More orchestrated events will be staged driving people to have a top-up vaccine and so on. All in an effort to protect people from ‘variants’. Dr Yeadon checked the source material to check how different the ‘variants’ were from the original Wuhan sequence. Only 99.7% identical, meaning they are virtually the same. Anyone with natural immunity, through previous infection, or vaccinated would be protected.

Leading to me postulating that the current ‘battle with variants’ is fake news. Unfortunately new vaccines for the ‘variants’ are being produced. Dr Mike Yeadon believes that because the ‘variants’ are so similar to the original virus the ‘variant vaccines’ will be used without any clinical safety studies. Enter more deaths and adverse reactions, I think.

He thinks the June 21st grand opening up will herald the beginning of the two tier society. Those who can prove they have been vaccinated using a vaccine passport and those who cannot. The vaccine passport being used to live a more normal life. For the unvaccinated it could mean being told from next month you cannot leave your house. Dr Yeadon says, “That’s how easy it would be.”

Covid-19 Vaccines Have Not Been Formally Approved By The FDA, According To Mr Hall, Senate Committee On State Affairs.

That’s right, they are only being used because they have got an emergency authorisation for use in the current pandemic. Leading to the fact that no-one can be forced to take the vaccine in the USA. The same is true in the UK and anywhere else the vaccines are being used. However Governments around the world are implying to their citizens that they must have the vaccines to be able to have a normal life back, through the use of a ‘vaccine passport’ and made pseudo mandatory through employers demands that staff need a vaccination to work.

I give some information below contained in a Senate hearing on May 6th, 2021 in Texas which gives some insight into different thinking on the Covid-19 question. While debating a bill to stop mandatory vaccination.

Some further pertinent information from the Senate Committee on State Affairs in the Texas Senate follows. From December 2020 through to April 23rd 2021, 3,362 deaths have been reported to the US VAERs system from Covid-19 vaccine jabs. Mr Hall makes the point that is 30 deaths per day associated with these vaccines in less than four months. It is believed, he goes on to say, that less than 1% of the true picture is shown by the VAERs figures.

Compare that set of figures to the ones for bacterial meningitis vaccine. One person died between 2007 and 2015 for that vaccine!

So normal vaccines are not the issue and I have personally had well tested vaccines and have had no unusual adverse reactions and have not died, at least I don’t think so! Just to let you know I am not an anti-vaxxer.

Mr Hall emphasises the Covid-19 vaccines record by making the statement, “In the four months of 2021 we’ve had more Covid-19 experimental vaccine deaths than all the vaccine deaths for the 15 year period between 1997 and 2013.”

In 1976 he says 45 million people were vaccinated for the swine flu and 15 people were reported to have unfortunately died. The program was immediately halted after being decided it was too risky to continue. Mr Hall also mentioned that after legislation was passed in 1986 to compensate victims of adverse reactions from vaccinations, all medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies involved in vaccinations have blanket immunity from prosecution from injuries caused following vaccinations. The onus is on the person receiving the vaccination to bear all the responsibility for any consequences, at least in the USA. I am not sure where you stand in the UK on that issue though.

There followed Doctors being questioned on their thoughts concerning treatment for Covid-19 without using experimental vaccines. Tried and tested drug treatments would be effective to treat Covid-19 patients without vaccines, according to witnesses. Alot of people who have had Covid-19 vaccines have been admitted, to hospitals, with various adverse reactions and some needing two weeks of treatment before they were discharged.

Also what came out was that if a patient has had Covid-19 then the natural immunity built up in that infection would be sufficient to protect against further infection. Although if the patient has compromised immunity or the person wanted a vaccine then that should be respected. None were happy for healthy people to be coerced into receiving an experimental Covid-19 vaccine. Especially for children to receive one. Also the Doctors questioned were very against what the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers are saying about releasing trial data after their vaccines have been fully authorised for use instead of being released before being fully authorised for public use.

Incredibly it came out that the original animal tests using the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines were stopped after the animals kept dying, apparently the information is on the CDC website. During Dr Sheila Paiges’ testimony (4 hour mark approx. on streaming part II of Senate Committee ), she mentions that the ferrets died during animal trials because they were exposed to coronavirus after being injected with an mRNA vaccine. She said the mRNA injection forces a persons body to produce the coronavirus spiked protein, basically producing an auto-immune disease. When the ferrets were exposed to the coronavirus they had a hyper immune response. She went on to say the forced use of the Covid vaccines is a violation of the Nuremburg Code because they are experimental. Another interesting snippet of information she divulged was about an e-mail Dr Fauci disseminated in 2005. Apparently he wrote that hydrochloroquine could be used like a vaccine against flu and Sars2. Even though it is a dirty word in the current situation, although President Trump was given it in his cocktail of drugs to combat his infection with Covid-19. It was admitted that the American people had become the guinea pigs in trials being held on them. Of course populations around the world have become unwitting guinea pigs as they have not been informed they are taking part in one. Something that has never happened in the history of vaccine testing. Unfortunately our children have become unwitting guinea pigs too. Shame on us.

I would encourage you to search the hearings out online and watch as much as you can. It doesn’t appear to be biased towards vaccination and contains the testimonies of real people doing the best they can. Many of the Doctors report good results combatting Covid in their practices and support their patients in making decisions for themselves regarding vaccination.

Johnson And Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine To Be Rolled Out In The UK.

The Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, single dose Covid-19 vaccine will be rolled out from Friday 28th May.

For the first time the mainstream press has catalogued three signs of side effects associated with the vaccine.

The Government website lists them if you would like to check it yourself.

If within three weeks of vaccination you get the following symptoms you should get medical advice:

Any severe or persistent headaches, blurred vision, mental status changes or seizures (fits);

Develop shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling, leg pain or persistent abdominal pain;

Notice unusual skin bruising or pinpoint round spots beyond the sit of vaccination.

Also get urgent medical attention if you get symptoms of a severe allergic reaction.

feeling faint or light headed

changes in your heartbeat

shortness of breath


swelling of your lips, face, or throat

hives or rash

nausea or vomiting

stomach pain

It lists common side effects include;



muscle aches

pain where the injection is given

feeling tired

Redness where the injection is given

Swelling where the injection is given


Joint pain



Uncommon side effects may include;


Muscle weakness

Arm or leg pain

Feeling weak

Feeling generally unwell


Sore throat

Back pain


Excessive sweating

At the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) safety committee (PRAC) concluded a warning about unusual blood clots with low blood platelets should be added to the product information for the Janssen vaccine.

The Belgian Government is reported to have announced on Wednesday it was suspending vaccination with the Janssen vaccine for people under 41 following the death of a woman who suffered severe side effects after having the jab. She died on May 21st in hospital with severe thrombosis and platelet deficiency, according to Belgian health ministers.

On May 20th, The Defender reported that the Health Select Committee on Coronavirus launched a probe into Emergent BioSolutions – the plant manufacturing Johnson & Johnsons vaccine – last month after the company acknowledged ‘serious deficiencies’ in the companies manufacturing that caused a mix-up of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson doses.

The CDC Manipulates The Data To Make A Two-Tier System To Diagnose Covid-19.

According to a recent ‘Off Guardian’ article and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), they are altering the way they collect data and testing for Covid-19.

Firstly, the CDC is lowering the CT value, that’s how many cycles the PCR test is run, when testing samples from people who have been vaccinated. Moving to 28 cycles, which would remove the majority of false positives. This will make the vaccinated people alot less likely to test positive for Covid-19 and indirectly showing the vaccines work in reducing Covid-19 cases.

Secondly, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as Covid-19 cases! So even if a vaccinated person tests positive for Covid-19 using the 28 cycle PCR test, unless they are hospitalised or die as a result of the virus, the CDC will not be keeping any record of the positive test. That is only for vaccinated people.

Thus creating a two-tiered system of diagnosis. Un-vaccinated people will still have their PCR test cycles at 35 and upwards creating huge numbers of false positives and any positive result making a Covid-19 case. Irrespective of whether a person shows symptoms or not, making for higher numbers of positive cases in the un-vaccinated.

Just imagine how the Covid-19 case numbers would plummet if the PCR test was restricted to 28 cycles and not 35 and upwards. Basically testing until they get a positive result. Then not including asymptomatic or mild cases in the figures, only those who have been hospitalised and/or died. It is hard to see how a pandemic could have been declared. Never before have the death figures from a disease been manipulated to the degree they have been, in my opinion. Anyone testing positive for Covid-19 using the flawed PCR testing, at the moment, could be classed as dying of the virus no matter how they died. That was the original classification of a Covid-19 death in the UK at the start of the pandemic, something never seen before. That was changed to someone testing positive and dying within 28 days of a positive test, after pushback from academia. The stupidity of someone being diagnosed using the PCR high cycle test then dying months later of anything making the previous idea untenable.

Definitely worth reading the article in full if you are interested. It shows the level of manipulation of the figures that is going on at the moment to bolster Big Pharmas gravy train.

Background On The India Variant B. 1 .617.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

According to the World Health Organisation the ‘India Variant’ has been detected in 44 countries around the world. The India Variant is believed to be behind the deaths of 4,000 people a day, at the time of writing.

The B. 1 .617 Covid-19 variant, first found in India in October, had been detected in more than 4,500 samples contained in an open access database from 44 countries in all six WHO regions.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the agency’s technical lead on Covid-19 told a briefing, “We are classifying this as a variant of concern at a global level. There is some information to suggest increased transmissibility.”

Soumya Swaminathan, WHO chief scientist is reported to have said, “What we know now is that the vaccines work, the diagnostics work, the same treatments that are used for the regular virus works. so there is really no need to change any of those.”

Basically from these official announcements it is clear although the variant seems to be more transmissible, all treatments being used against the original Covid-19 will work to protect people from it. Storm in a teacup and scaremongering to keep people in a constant state of fear and call into question any idea of foreign holidays.

Wales To Trial Universal Income.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

According to reports in the mainstream media, Wales is expected to trial a scheme based on a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all.

The scheme will pay a fixed sum of money, the Government believes will cover the basic living costs, regardless of age, occupation or current wealth.

I believe this development sows the seeds of the ‘Great Reset’ are being sown to reap their rewards by their 2030 deadline.

It is reported in a recent Mirror article, that the First Minister, Mark Drakeford said the pilot would “see whether the promises that basic income holds out are genuinely delivered” when put into practice.

Sophie Howe, Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner, has previously campaigned for a pilot and the introduction of a UBI. The fact that a trial has been officially authorised means they are interested in the scheme going forward.

Plaid Cymru manifesto supported a UBI saying it would prepare people for a future where work may have a different role in the economy, resulting from automation and the introduction of AI and related technologies.

Finland trialled UBI using 2,000 unemployed people being paid 560 euros (£480) a month for two years but the results weren’t clearcut.

Kenya is also trialling UBI in a twelve year trial which gives every adult, in the trial area, £16 a month.

Labour is behind plans to scrap Universal Credit, replacing it with a new payment for everyone called UBI. Their failure to get elected in 2019 put that idea on the back burner. However I am sure the idea will gain traction if the Welsh trial gets positive feedback.

The biggest problem I see at the moment is no-one is saying where all this extra money is coming from. Is the money tree going to be plundered yet again? Quantative Easing by the Bank of England (BOE), where hundreds of billions of pounds of digital money flowed into the banking sector to increase liquidity in the banks sounds a likely source to me. A new digital currency (Britcoin) is on the drawing board for introduction in the future. According to ‘Great Reset’ commentators the digital currency will be the open door for UBI to flourish. Digital money being used to more easily manipulate recipients with no choice about what the digital payment is spent on and removing any built up balances at the end of the month. Removing any avenue to save some for another day.

One funding idea voiced in Scotland to fund such a UBI scheme would stop all benefits and reduce a persons tax allowance to £1,500 from £12,500. In place of these everyone adult would get £2,400 a year and a child £1,500.

An annual tax on wealth and a climate tax of 10% would further hit workers, making them less able to keep their standard of living. People without jobs would be expected to live on £2,400 per year because the Government has calculated this money is enough to live on. So £200 a month is enough for all your bills because no other benefits will be available. Incredible! Obviously more ideas need to be explored.

It all starts with the best intentions, to benefit the needy and who would say no to free money. However what happens to working people with assets and savings?

Enter negative interest rates, people with savings will pay the banks for holding their money. Having savings will go out of fashion, because cash will disappear no-one will be able to avoid paying the banks. Borrowing money will be cheaper and a borrower could be in a position where they owe less than they borrowed because the interest rate will be negative, who knows.

The future is very confused because that is how the architects of the ‘Great Reset’ want it.

The Covid crisis has shown how Governments can restrict their populations and force through an agenda to the detriment of their populations. I believe this is the beginning and this decade will change our lives beyond all recognition, the agenda is being implemented and we are all in it for the ride.

Friends Reunion Here.

It’s official, the cast of ‘Friends’ comedy tv series are getting back together for a reunion. It will be premiered on May 27th on @HBOMax.

Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Mathew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer are back. A teaser clip shared on Jennifer Aniston’s instagram shows the crew walking away in silhouette, according to the Daily Mail article.

A big list of big names are said to be lined up to make guest appearances. They include; David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, lady Gaga and James Corden, to name but a few.

It is said the show will take the form of a ‘conversation’ with the cast and not a scripted episode. Although they are expected to get into character at some point.

NHS Backlog Nearly 5 Million!

Photo by Krizjohn Rosales on Pexels.com

According to NHS England official statistics operations across a broad range of surgeries rose from 4.69 million to 4.95 million, an increase of 250,000 in just a month, says Express article.

These statistics show the true cost of the blinkered Covid-19 only rules at hospitals during the pandemic. Who can guess how many extra cancer deaths, heart disease deaths and deaths from other illnesses will result from the gridlock experienced by the NHS while trying to re-book appointments and get treatment back on track. There will be many years of distress and heartache for families for the future.

To try and offset this disastrous situation the Government has pledged an extra £160 million towards cutting waiting times.

A very small drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of billions thrown at Covid-19 to the exclusion of everything else.

300,000 patients were found to be waiting more than six weeks for key diagnostic tests, according to NHS data, in March. The equivalent number in March 2020 was 85,446.

A quote from Daily Express columnist Dr. Rosemary Leonard reads. “These are awful figures and it will be years before the list starts to go down.” A huge understatement and it leaves a enormous door open to private medicine to scoop up business from the NHS, funnelling NHS money to private medicine.

Hundreds Of People Admitted To Hospital With Covid-19 After Getting Vaccinated.

According to a Government report investigating hospitalised, vaccinated patients using ISARIC4C/CO-CIN data set with data available up to April 10th, 2021. 1 in 14 patients admitted to hospital since December 8th, 2020 have received at least the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccination (previously 1 in 25).

It says the median time between vaccination and the onset of symptoms was 9 days. The median time between vaccination and hospital admission, for these patients, was 15 days. As the period of follow up observation has increased (because the vaccines are experimental and stage III trials are on-going in the general population-my note), there has a been a rise in the proportion of Sars-CoV-2 PCR positive people admitted more than 21 days after vaccination (vaccine failure) [moderate confidence]. However while absolute counts are low and continue to fall as the risk of exposure continues to fall, this will lead to under representation of the signal of vaccine failure.

The information above is qualified in the report by saying the report didn’t have access to all hospitalised patients and vaccinated patients may be over-represented, given their recruitment strategy. However it has been noted around the world (Israel, Norway, etc.) that coronavirus infections increase in proportion to increases in vaccinations. The reason for the correlation is unclear but is statistically significant-my note.

The report gives three likely reasons but their relevance is tenuous at best, in my opinion.

Some were admitted with symptoms and some admitted with none but were all testing PCR positive for Covid-19, the report says.

Of the 3,842 patients admitted to hospital, 3,534 tested PCR positive (92% of vaccinated admissions). Of these 817 were asymptomatic (23% of vaccinated admissions). All of which would have been put down in the figures as dying of Covid-19 if they died within 28 days of the PCR positive test.

The report also admits that patients who have previously had Covid-19 could test positive, using a PCR test, for between 17 and rarely 90 days afterwards. This statement alone should make alarm bells ring loudly in everyones head. It is very easy to see how case numbers could increase exponentially. Also remembering that lockdown strategies were based on the high number of positive cases. Lending credence to the idea testing could generate its own coronavirus spike. Which, when used alongside false death data gathering could make its own pandemic, in my opinion.

Medical experts outside SAGE and Government scientific advisors have been saying the same all along (Dr Mike Yeadon PHD, etc.).

Scientific Advisors Have Warned The Government To Drop The Daily Tally Of Coronavirus Deaths Within 28 Days.

According to a 26th April article in iNews, scientific advisors have warned the Government they should drop the daily tally of coronavirus deaths within 28 days of a positive of a positive test. The reason SAGE said the 28 day definition was useful before widespread vaccination was the deaths in hospital within 28 days of a positive test were most likely due to Covid-19.

A senior SAGE scource said: “If the definition remains the same, these people would be counted as ‘vaccine failures’, whereas the vaccine prevented death from Covid-19, but they really died from something else. I suspect that the current definition will have to be revised at some point.”

The article goes on to highlight a document published (31st March-SPI-M-O: Consensus Statement on Covid-19) by the modelling subgroup, reads: “SPI-M-O is concerned that, as the prevalence of the infection increases and a large part of the adult population is vaccinated, the current definition of death (ie. death within 28 days of a Covid-19 positive test) will become increasingly inaccurate as a measure of the health burden of the epidemic. It will also potentially distort estimates of vaccine efficacy.”

In my opinion the last sentence of that statement lays bare the real reson they are worried about the current definition of covid deaths. It would cast doubt on the vaccine efficacy against the coronavirus.

They were very happy to accrue astronomical case numbers, to the exclusion of any other diagnosis, by this definition to build up the fear factor amongst the population. However now the figures are going down because we are coming out of the second flu season, that coincides with the high rates of vaccinations and lower instances of coronavirus. Any increase in cases generated by excessive testing is not to be publicised because it would be bad for vaccine efficacy.

Basically the ‘death within 28 days of a Covid-19 positive test definition’ has been used by the Government to generate huge numbers of deaths due to coronavirus. Initially there was no restriction period on having a positive test, so if you had a positive test and you subsequently died you died of Covid-19. This method of data collection has never been used before in the history of disease data collection. No autopsy of a Covid-19 positive patient has been performed, according to relevant literature. Making the death rate for Covid-19 to be dubious, in my opinion.

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