Opinions on ‘Donald MacIntyre Unsolved’

Watched an episode of ‘Donald MacIntyre Unsolved’ last night – Spoiler alert. A 35 year old woman had disappeared without a trace. Her name was Claudia Lawrence and she was a chef at the University of York. I love the mystery aspect of the programme but I often think there is something else in the investigation that is being withheld from the viewer. A vital clue that would lead you to a conclusion but probably not a suspect in these types of crimes.

Apparently march 18th, 2009 was the last date anyone saw Claudia alive. She had walked to work as usual, around 5am. Worked through the day and given a lift home for 2.50pm. She phoned her mum, displaying no anxiety or upset. The last text she sent was 8.23pm, all normal. The phone signal died at midnight, it said. It was said in the programme that she always made sure the phone was charged for the next day.

There was some cctv apparently of interest that was shown. At 7.15pm on the 18th a figure with a bag walked around to the alley behind her house and a minute later walked back around and off. The same cctv caught a similar figure doing exactly the same thing at 5.07am the next morning. It looked like a man but wouldn’t have had time to get into the house from the alley in the time he took on the cctv. Nothing else was noted or came out in the programme about activity around the house on the night and morning of 18th march, 2009.

A big red light for me turned up later in the show when it came out that she had lots of partners, some married or of dubious moral background. While her life is obviously her own a clandestine entanglement lends itself to being alone with someone you don’t know alot about. In places where almost no-one knows where you are at any given time. Donald Macintyre at the end even said at the end that she may have stayed at a lovers house that night.

The police investigation caused some controversy among Claudia’s friends and family by issuing a photograph showing her with the wrong coloured hair. It took a while to get it removed and a new one issued. The attitude of the police to witnesses was criticised too as it was felt they alienated people with their questioning. An interested sky reporter told how he was warned off and threatened by people he asked about Claudia’s habits, etc.

No real breakthrough in the investigation and watching it was a little dissatisfying as a conclusion at the end was missing. There were too many unanswered questions really.

That lack of a conclusion spurred me on the scour other literature and reports online. A Sun article dated 3/12/2019, introduces the theory convicted killer Christopher Halliwell might have been involved in her disapperance. There is loads to look at and it would be a real job to look and document it all. In a nutshell the authorities say there is no way that Halliwell had anything to do with Claudia’s disappearance. Despite the investigation into him only having £40,000 and the Senior investigating officer was sure Halliwell killed lots of other women. The investigation into other murders was halted because of procedural errors. However there are a few tantalising things linking him to Claudia’s case. The date, 18th march was significant to Halliwell, he’d broken up with a partner on march 19th, he’d killed another woman on march 19th Sian O’Callaghan in 2011. Also it has come to light that Halliwell’s dad lived close to Claudia Lawrence’s home so it’s possible Halliwell might have known her.

From my own experience walking to work in the early hours I found that I attracted unwanted attention from odd people. So I tried to vary my times and route. That worked a lot of the time. With Claudia walking the same route at the same time I could understand her being noticed by undesirables sooner or later. Her colourful private life was an invite to safety issues too. The person of interest on evening of the 18th and the early hours of 19th was interesting. Going around the back of Claudia’s house on both occassions seemed to be checking if someone was in. Especially the morning of the 19th going round the back of Claudia’s house at 5.07am. With Claudia going work at 5am, perhaps the prowler on cctv was checking if a light was on in a back room or bedroom suggesting Claudia was still at home and was late or that no-one was in if no lights were showing. Leading the prowler to come out of the alley behind Claudia’s house even quicker than than they had the previous night at 7.15pm. Leading me to think that the prowler was interested in knowing where Claudia was that night and so was unlikely to be the perpetrator. I think that Donald MacIntyre’s theory that Claudia was not at home overnight seems very credible bearing in mind the prowlers actions. Perhaps he’d heard someone down the ‘Wolf Pack’ pub saying they were going on a date with Claudia or something and was checking if Claudia was at home to check. It would have helped if the police had checked where her phone said she was too. What do you think?

China Has Quietly Used A Covid-19 Vaccine To Treat Over 100,000 People.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

China has taken a shortcut to implement vaccination of its population against Covid-19, it’s reported. A pharmaceutical company called Sinopharm, a state-owned company developing two of China’s leading vaccine candidates. China National Radio announced on Monday that it had already vaccinated hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens despite the vaccines used still undergoing phase III trials.

Sinopharm is using the vaccines it is developing in an emergency use program, allowed under Chinese law, launched by the Chinese Government in late July. The Government has also authorised a third vaccine called Coronavac, developed by the privately owned drug maker Sinovac Biotech. China’s top vaccine Official mentioned front-line medical workers and customs officials were to use Sinopharm’s two vaccines. Prioritising these groups for early experimental use of the vaccines makes it plain that the Government hopes to move forward with vaccination as quickly as possible.

So far China has not reported any serious issues with its emergency vaccination program. However using a vaccine before it has passed phase III trials could lead to an ineffective vaccine or, at worse, a dangerous ticking time bomb of a vaccine. Only showing its true effects months or years later, say experts.

Chinese vaccine producers have a history of scandals and the media is shackled in any watchdog role because of heavy state controls on any information that would cast China in a bad light.

In recent history, Sinopharm and Sinovac have had questions raised about their abilities to produce safe vaccines. In 2018 the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, A subsidiary of Sinopharm Group, was found to have sold more than 400,000 faulty Diptheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus vaccines. They were fined and several employees were punished.

Sinovac were charged with bribing a Chinese Official in charge of drug approval from 2002 to 2014, as reported in the New York Times.

What we do know is that four of the nine Covid-19 vaccines in phase III trials are from Chinese companies. The emergency program to vaccinate was only made public in late August on the state-run television station CCTV. However the true extent of the program remained under wraps until early September.The new information revealed that participation wasn’t as limited as everyone was led to believe. The C.E.O. of Sinovac, was reported in Reuters, to have disclosed 90% of their employees had volunteered to take their vaccine. Probably in an attempt to guarantee continued production of the vaccine.

In late June the vaccine candidate produced by Cansino Biologics was authorised to be given to military personnel.

The irony of the Chinese Governments apparent desperation to get their population vaccinated is that the infection rates in the country are very low. Resulting in the majority of testing for the vaccines being done in foreign populations outside Chinas borders.

According to a quote from John Moore, an immunologist at Weill Cornell Medical College. “They are actually in a situation where they could afford to wait for the outcome of ongoing phase III trials, understand the safety and efficacy properly, without compromising their population.”

As a footnote, I noticed on the BBC news today (17/10/20/), that an unnamed clinic was shown with huge queues outside waiting for a vaccine jab at a cost of £45 each. Anyone interested could just turn up and queue for a jab.

Could more draconian measures force the issue here perhaps? A weary population and desperate businesses leading the call for widespread use of the not fully tested vaccine to get us out of all this. Only time will tell.

Whitfield Valley Nature Reserve.

    General view of the south of the site.

    The Mallard Duck is a very successful duck, ancestor of most domestic ducks, reflecting its extreme adaptability. It can become completely tame in urban areas, relying on human handouts of food. Although it is as wild as any water fowl in other habitats. Mallards feed by dabbling in shallows or upending to reach greater depths. They are omnivorous, eating both invertebrates and plant matter. Natural nest sites are in thick vegetation close to the water.

    Moorhen bathing.
    Canada Goose.
    Coot swimming.

    Walking through the Whitfield Valley Local Nature Reserve near my home is very relaxing and colourful, especially in autumn. The leaves are turning at the moment from green to golden yellows and browns.It covers an area of 90 hectares (225 acres, in old money.) It has a variety of well surfaced and natural tracks that can easily be explored. The ground is relatively flat and has abundant wildlife.The brook that flows through the site, known locally as the ‘banky brook’, is a tributary of the River Trent. The rest of the site has areas of grassland, hay meadow, heathland, hedgerow, ponds and scattered trees. Ford Green Reedbed, a site of scientific interest, is located at the southern end of the Nature Reserve. Reasonable numbers of ducks and other water birds breed and overwinter here.

    There is a pump house on the site, again at the southern end, which was used to pump flood water from around Ford Green Hall. It has since been converted to a Visitor Centre for the Reserve.

    Designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 1991, the site has many different habitats for the diverse wildlife to populate.

    Mining has gone on for hundreds of years culminating in large scale mining from 1700’s onwards in the northern section. The cycle track running along side the site was previously the old railway line for the movement of coal to where it was needed.

    The southern section was used to graze cattle upto the 1970’s and so remained largely untouched.

    The Chatterley Whitfield Mine to the north of the site boundary stands as a reminder of the fairly recent large scale mining, which was turned into a Mining Museum to illustrate mining activities to future generations. Unfortunately it went into liquidation in August 1993 and was returned to Stoke-on-Trent City Council. Since 2002 the site can be viewed on heritage open days which are advertised on their website.

    Many families and dog walkers can be seen walking around the Nature Reserve enjoying its charm and wildlife. Especially at weekends feeding the local ducks and geese is a popular pastime.

    50,000 Patients Now Waiting More Than A Year For Treatment In England.

    Photo by Krizjohn Rosales on Pexels.com

    What a damming headline to read, more people than have already died of Covid-19 are waiting for treatment in England. That ranges from cancer to less severe ailments but most will become more serious as time goes on.

    Early in August it was leaked, from hospitals in London alone, that 20,000 patients were waiting longer than twelve months for treatment in July. That is according to a telegraph article.

    Since March, hospitals have been forced to cancel thousands of routine operations and appointments as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. Causing untold stress and anxiety to patients who thought their ailments were being addressed.

    Tim Gardner, Senior Policy Fellow at the Health Foundation is quoted as saying. “With so many going without treatment or experiencing long waits, there is a risk that the health of people with serious conditions will deteriorate and mean the N.H.S. has to deal with more patients needing care urgently.

    The new statistics show the total size of the N.H.S. waiting lists has actually shrunk to 3.9 million, as fewer patients have been referred for treatment by G.P.’s.

    Justin Madders, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister is reported to have said, “all signals are pointing towards a growing and alarming backlog of clinical need.”

    Experts have warned the N.H.S. could see a waiting list of 10 million people later this year because hospitals will be unable to meet the increased demand due to Coronavirus restrictions.

    I believe this to be a national disgrace, why are the Nightingale Hospitals not being used to take up some of the slack?

    Also the increasing use of P.C.R. test figures to denote danger instead of the death figures, which were used earlier, makes the problem seem worse. Bearing in mind that false positives in the use of the P.C.R. test are a serious issue and the figures don’t take any false positives into account. As the levels of testing increase more positive and false positive results will be found it is fair to say. That doesn’t mean the number of deaths will rise as before. Since a new raft of drugs and procedures to treat Covid-19 are being used to thwart the rapid rise in deaths.

    Recently President Trump was taken into hospital after a positive test result for Covid-19. Once there the treatment he and his wife received is believed to have successfully treated the virus enabling him to be discharged and continue his treatment in the Whitehouse. He has since been seen walking around and talking on tv. Although his recovery is at an early stage it is hoped a full recovery will be forth-coming in due course.

    The biggest and least publicised aspect of the of the episode is that President Trump has guaranteed that all Covid-19 patients in the U.S. will receive the cocktail of drugs he has been given to treat the virus will be given to patients free of charge. A game changing pledge to help the U.S. to get back on its feet.

    I wish our Government in the U.K. would implement something similar to see if it would help. Especially as the Government is reported to be spending £100 billion on the testing program alone, here in the U.K.. Amounting to two-thirds of the N.H.S. budget for the year.

    From what I have read and seen in pictures taken by people who have visited Sweden lately you could be forgiven for thinking we are all being taken for a ride. Sweden has never implemented a lock down of any sort yet have a similar death rate to us here in the U.K.. They have experienced non of the financial black hole politics most countries have, leaving industries teetering on the brink for most of the year. Huge job losses, with all the upheaval that causes. Plus huge bailouts and job retention payments made by the Government to keep some semblance of life going and no erosion of human rights in Sweden either. At the present time (09/10/20) Swedes are happy to walk around anywhere they want to with whoever they want, shoulder to shoulder if necessary, without a facemask in sight. In stark contrast to the U.K. Government who are threatening more serious lock down measures to bring infections down.

    I noticed a petition is being got together with 6,500 signatures of serving Doctors and Professors questioning the policies Governments are implementing to solve the Covid-19 crisis (Daily Mail 07/10/20).

    There are always alternatives and locking everyone in their houses and crashing the economy shouldn’t be one of them, in my opinion. Especially when another country like Sweden, who is probably not part of Europes idea of the official narrative, has shown it is not necessary.

    H. & M. Fined 35 Million Euros For Tracking Workers Personal Lives.

    Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

    H. & M. has been fined 35 million euros for allegedly tracking hundreds of employees personal lives on a company database.

    Managers at the retailers customer service centre in Nuremburg kept meticulous notes on workers’ vacations, illnesses, religious beliefs and family problems from at least 2014. That’s according to the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, a German Privacy Watchdog.

    The notes were based on one-to-one conversations held to evaluate workers performance and make decisions about their ’employment relationship’. Regulators called H. & M.’s practices a ‘particularly intensive interference’ with employees rights.

    The database was sometimes visible to up to fifty other managers, officials said. The regulators were only alerted to these practices when a ‘configuration error’ made the data accessible company wide for a few hours in October 2019. Otherwise it could have still been going on and I think that is how these things go on. A mistake is made or a whistleblower divulges what has been going on. Of course the history of whistleblowers has not been a happy one over the years. It takes a very brave person to make their lives a misery for years to come. In an effort to make the guilty pay.

    Johannes Caspar, the Data Protection Commissioner is reported as saying that the surveillance showed a ‘serious disregard’ for workers’ data privacy. The 35 million euro fine is the second largest ever issued using data protection laws in Europe, sine 2018.

    H. & M. is reported to be reviewing its practices for processing employees’ personal data. It takes full responsibility and apologised unreservedly to the employees. H. & M. also pledged to give financial compensation to affected employees.

    In the international company I used to work for I often felt that my employers Knew more than I did when it came to my personal life and finances but couldn’t prove anything. It is nice to know that some are caught out and punished for it.

    Personally I would like to see online companies made to pay users of their plat form, facebook, google, twitter, etc., a financial gift if they derive financial gain from personal information they sell on. In theory the information is collected anonymously but so much personal information is collected it is hard to see how it could ever be completely anonymous.

    I understand platforms like facebook generate billions of dollars every year from selling its users data and considering some peoples whole lives are bared to the world on it. I can see it would be very lucrative to a manipulative mindset to have peoples intimate secrets available to sell to interested parties. Definitely hard to control and police for infringements.

    Many of the top companies who hold large databases of peoples e-mail and financial details have been hacked in the past. Now their phone numbers will be listed too, another potential gold mine for data miners looking to sell the data.

    Where will it end?

    Are people just a commodity, an object something to be exploited at every opportunity?

    Let’s all hope for a better future using technology for our benefit, not technology using us all for its benefit because in the not too distant future technology will be synonymous with A.I. and that’s a large can of worms indeed.

    Robot Covid-19 Police?

    Photo by Lenin Estrada on Pexels.com

    I noticed recently that the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore(yes it does roll off the tongue doesn’t it?) has a new four legged robot patrolling around the Park.

    From Friday May 8th, 2020 the Park is home to a robot called ‘Spot’. It will assist in the roll of reminding people walking around, to social distance and wash their hands. Similar robots will carry out their duties at other parks, gardens and nature reserves managed by National Parks Board(NParks) and at parks managed by town councils.

    The two week pilot trials are jointly conducted by NParks and the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group(SNDGG).

    The ‘Spot’ robot dog will broadcast a recorded message to remind visitors to social distance.

    It is fitted with cameras, but will not be able to recognise specific individuals. Neither will it be able to collect any personal information. Of course there is nothing to stop these abilities from being incorporated into the robot programming at a later date. Along the lines of an escaped criminal or missing person needs to be found, etc.. The reader can use their imagination.

    As part of the two week trial,’Spot’ will be deployed over a 3km stretch in the river plains section of the Park during off-peak hours. It will also be accompanied by at least one NParks officer.

    If the trial proves successful NParks will consider deploying ‘Spot’ to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio in the morning and evening peak hours. They are also looking at deploying it in other parks, such as Jurong Lake Gardens.

    Gov Tech is currently looking at developing analytics allowing ‘Spot’ to check if park visitors are observing safe distancing measures.

    They have already enhanced ‘Spot’ with various functions such as remote control, 3-D mapping and semi autonomous operations to facilitate the trial. As it is controlled remotely, less manpower is needed for park patrols, helping to minimise physical contact among staff, safe distancing ambassadors and park visitors. This helps to lower their risk of exposure to Covid-19 virus.

    The Boston Dynamics ‘Spot’ robot dog platform is at the forefront of robot integration in real world applications. Their website details various industrial applications, replacing human manpower or augmenting it. The camera systems on board can be swapped or augmented to suit the task required of it and being remotely controlled, semi autonomous or fully autonomous makes it extremely versatile. Its internal programming can be changed and with the addition of a robot arm it can easily open doors and manipulate objects. Its endurance of ninety minutes allows time to complete numerous tasks with speed and agility. This being early days there is much room for improvement in all aspects of the robot dog platform. Compare this to the model ‘T’ Ford of robots or the ZX 81 of computers! What are we going to do with ourselves in the future?

    Read on for more real world roles the little robot dog will fill in the future. An interesting idea is for it to work in groups or ‘packs’ to solve problems.

    How about ‘Spot’ the robot dog as a sheep dog in a farming environment? Well a technology company called Rocos is using ‘Spot’ the robot dog for just such a role. Testing is ongoing to make good shortfalls in human resources and automating jobs that are dull, dirty or dangerous.

    Of course if you thought of it in another way, perhaps if they could herd sheep maybe it’s not such a stretch to herd people at sometime in the future. You could imagine a demonstration being herded down their route by robots. Armoured faceless robots pre-programmed for the purpose. Just a thought.

    Another story I saw in the Daily Mail about a ‘Spot’ the robot dog being equipped with an M.I.T. developed camera. The camera(VitalCam) is being tested in the Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts. It is designed to obtain vital signs from patients allowing the diagnoses of Covid-19 at a distance of six feet.

    Four different cameras measuring pulse rate, temperature and other diagnostics are used. So far it has only been used on healthy people but the next phase is to try it in real world situations. If it meets F.D.A. approval it could save time, resources and possibly lives.

    Although ‘Spot’ the robot dog has been around for a few years now it seems the current situation has allowed more and more ideas to come to the fore. Pushing digital technology forward with unrestricted budgets, it seems. How much can we borrow, I wonder?

    I wonder how the genie will be put back in the lamp after the reason for their existence disappears. I personally doubt it, things are being deliberately extended so the new digital ways can take the place of traditional ways. The Boston Dynamics stable is full of ground breaking robots waiting for a role in our world. They just need an opportunity to present itself for them to be put forward as a saviour for mankind. Something to think about and A.I. is waiting in the wings.

    False Positives Using P.C.R. Tests For Coronavirus.

    Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on Pexels.com

    I recently came across an article by Doctor Michael Yeadon PHD( former Chief Scientific Advisor for Pfizer), which peaked my interest. It expounded the idea that the P.C.R. test everyone is using to generate the meteoric rise in positive Coronavirus results being experienced at the moment(30/09/20). The majority of which could be false positives. Dr. Yeadon goes into a lot of detail and although I will go into some of that detail here. I think it would be a good idea for the reader to to search the good Doctor online and read it and more for yourself. The information he divulges, if true and I have no reason to doubt his credentials, would mean the Government is generating mass hysteria and crashing the economy because of faulty science, read on.

    For clarity I will start from the beginning. The Government decided to call a person a ‘case’ if their swab sample tested positive for viral R.N.A., as measured by the P.C.R. test. A person can be positive if they have the virus, which is to be expected. They can also be positive if they had the virus weeks or months ago and recovered. There is a faint possibility that high loads of related but different Coronaviruses causing ‘common colds’, etc. might react to the P.C.R. test too. Dr. Yeadon thought it unclear if that happened because of a lack of follow up testing.

    However, a person could be positive due to a random process. There are multiple reasons, such as the amplification technique not being perfect and so amplifying the ‘bait’ sequences placed in with the sample. Which is done to marry up the related S.A.R.S.- Covid-2 viral R.N.A.. There will be many other contributions to such positives. These are called false positives.

    The ideal diagnostic test correctly confirms all who have the disease and never wrongly indicates that healthy people have the disease. There is no such test. The important thing to know is how often a false positive is generated, that is called the false positive rate.

    If 1 in 100 disease free samples are wrongly coming up positive the disease is not present and is called a 1% false positive rate. For the sake of arguement Dr. Yeadon concentrates on the community figures because most people don’t have it. He goes on to say that when the amount of disease is low( so-called prevalence), that the false positive rate can be a problem. This can be so severe that unless changes are made the test is hopelessly unsuitable to the job being asked of it.

    Dr. Yeadon further states that because of the high false positive rate and low prevalence, almost every test or so-called case, identified in the community since May 2020 has been a false positive! Not just a few percent, not a quarter or even a half of the positives are false, but around 90% of them! How shocking a conclusion.

    Imagine 10,000 people being tested using the swabs you see on tv. It is reasonable to assume that most of the people being tested do not have symptoms. However it’s known from tv and stories on social media, sampling staff, from stern guidance from the Health Minister(20/09/20) and the surprising fact that in numerous locations around the country, the local council is leafleting people’s houses, street by street to go and get tested.

    The bottom line is that it is reasonable to expect the prevalence of the virus to be close to the number found by the O.N.S.(Office of National Statistics) because they sample randomly and would pick up symptomatic and asymptomatic people in proportion to their presence in the community. As of the most recent O.N.S. survey the virus was found in 1 in every 1000 people, that can be written as 0.1%.

    Going back to the theoretical 10,000 people, when they get tested in the community you’d expect 10 true positives to be found(false positives can be a problem when the virus is common, but in the community setting it is statistically unimportant so he chose to ignore it and focus on the false positives).

    So what is the false positive rate of testing in the community? For months this has been a concern. It appears that it isn’t known, even though you absolutely need to know it in order to work out whether the diagnostic test has any value!

    We do know that the Government’s own scientists were very concerned about it. A report was sent to S.A.G.E. dated June 3rd, 2020. A quote from it underlines the fact. “Unless we understand the operational false positive rate of the U.K.’s R.T.-P.C.R. testing system, we risk overestimating the Covid-19 incidence, the demand to track and trace and the extent of asymptomatic infection.” In the same report they helpfully listed the lowest to highest false positive rate of dozens of tests using the same technology. The lowest value for false positives rates was 0.8%.

    He goes on to explain the impact of a false positive rate of 0.8% on the community. Returning to the hypothetical 10,000 people who volunteered to be tested and the expected ten with the virus(0.1% prevalence or 1:1,000), have been identified by the P.C.R. test. But now we have to calculate how many false positives are to accompany them The answer is 80.80, 0.8% of 10,000.

    To summarise it as a headline ’90 new cases were identified today’ (10 real and 80 false positives). Only 10 real cases and 80 didn’t have a piece of viral R.N.A. in their sample!

    Earlier in the summer the O.N.S. showed the virus prevalence was a little lower, 1 in 2,000 or 0.05%. That doesn’t sound much of a difference, but it is. Now the community test will find half as many real cases from the 10,000 volunteer example, so 5 real cases. But the flaw in the test means it will still find 80 false positives(0.8% of 10,000). So it’s even worse. The headline would be ’85 new cases identified today’. But now the probability a person testing positive has the virus, is an absurdly low 6% (5 divided by 80+5). Earlier in the summer this same test exaggerated the number of Covid-19 cases by 17 fold(85 divided by 5). It is so easy to generate an apparently large epidemic this way. Just ignore the problem of false positives and pretend it’s zero. But it is never zero.

    The P.C.R. test is fatally flawed and must be immediately withdrawn, Dr. Yeadon states. If what he and other say is the reality of it. Then a full independent enquiry should be launched into who knew what and when to find out who is responsible for borrowing the U.K. into oblivion and saddling generations to come with unnecessary debt, I think. Not to mention the upheaval dealt the U.K. population and the untold deaths from other ailments and diseases because of the focus on Covid-19.

    A B.M.J.(British Medical Journal) article of 17/9/20 discusses the idea that 20-50% of people show some t-cell reactivity to S.A.R.S.-Cov-2 with no previous known exposure to the virus. It speculates the reason for this could be the exposure of populations to the ‘common cold’ coronaviruses every year. A fact rediscovered from findings from research done into 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic in which W.H.O. and C.N.C. said there would be no natural immunity because it was new to the worlds populations. A fact true of Covid-19 too.

    Covid 19 Vaccine Trial Halted.

    Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

    Testing of a Phase III Covid 19 vaccine halted, the headline said.I collected a bit more background to the story and thought it would be worth airing here. The news broke on sept. 8th that AstraZeneca had paused the phase III Covid 19 vaccine trial because of a serious reaction in a participant in the U.K. trial. At first the nature of the reaction was not known.

    The person who triggered the shutdown of the trial was a 37 year old woman who experienced neurological symptoms consistant with a serious but rare spinal inflammatory disorder called Transverse Myelitis, according to an official release.

    Transverse Myelitis is an inflammation of the spinal cord resulting from damage to nerve cells in a certain area. A fatty tissue called Myellin protects these nerve fibres. The Myellin fits around the nerve fibres like insulation round a wire. Nerves can be damaged where the Myellin is damaged or missing. When nerves are damaged it is harder for them to send signals around the body, bringing pain, weakness or paralysis. When this happens to nerves on both sides of part of the spinal cord, it’s known as Transverse Myelitis. Although doctors are unsure what causes it. They know it can happen when your body tries to fight off a disease or when or when your immune system attacks healthy cells for some reason. It can also be a the first symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, as was observed in the july participant.

    The woman is improving and will likely be discharged. She was injected with the companies Covid 19 vaccine and not a plasebo, spokesman Pascal Soriot made known during a during a conference set up by financial backers J. P. Morgan. Soriot also confirmed that the clinical trial was halted in July after a participant experienced neurological symptoms. They were subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis not thought to be related to the Covid 19 vaccine trial.

    The vaccine being tested uses an Adenovirus that carries a gene for one of the proteins in Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes Covid 19. The Adenovirus is designed to induce an immune response against Sars2. The method hasn’t been used in an approved vaccine before but has been tested in experimental vaccines against other viruses.

    On 12th sept the U.K. trial was restarted having received the go ahead from the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority. There are 35 vaccines in clinical trials around the globe, nine of which are in the final stage III of testing.

    Further info. of interest, immunologists at the University of California, San Diego looked into the amount of immunological challenges a person can respond to at one time. After considering the variety of compounds in vaccines, including bacterial protiens, bacterial polysaccharides and viral proteins, Paul Offit (chief of the division of infectious diseases and director of the vaccine education center at the childrens hospital of Philadelphia) explained. They calculated that young children could safely respond to as many as 100,000 vaccines at once! The C.D.C. recommends children get vaccinated against 14 diseases over a two year period.

    Also fears surrounded some vaccines centred on the vaccine preservative called Thierosal which contains mercury but has been used since 1930’s. In 1999 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimated that infants who were immunised according to the recommended schedule might have received amounts of Ethylmercury, a bi-product of Thimerosal, that exceeded the Enviromental Protection Agency Limits for exposure to Methylmercury.

    As a precautionary measure, the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Paediatrics urged vaccine manufacturers to remove Thimerosal from all infant vaccines as soon as possible. As contained in an article by Live Science Staff, may 30th, 2013.

    As a footnote the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine trials have been experiencing ‘mild to moderate’ side effects with 12,000 of the 29,000 candidates receiving their second dose of vaccine. They have asked the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration for permission to increase enrollment to 44,000 participants to increase diversity. They are expected to get a readout on efficacy of the vaccine trialled by the end of october.

    Coronavirus Pandemic, Coincidence?

    Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

    I read an article about a meeting of one hundred and thirty members of government and public health leaders on october 18th, 2019, the other day. The article was on a site I hadn’t seen before but some would call it a conspiracy website. However I was intrigued enough to check the story it told.

    The subject was a scenario based pandemic tabletop exercise called ‘Event 201’ .An innocuous title at first glance so I went to the website detailing it.

    It turned out to be a proper official event attened by various members of government and health leaders. Leading the John Hopkins Centre for Health Security, World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to jointly propose a number of points to facilitate the tackling of any future pandemic in an organised way. This is very laudable and sensible to most people.

    Then I looked at the scenario for the pandemic in their exercise. Reading through it on the official website, coincidences started springing up with the current Coronavirus Pandemic and it made me wonder about what was going on in the real world.

    The scenario said the outbreak would be of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs, which is what we were originally told until they got their story straight and they decided it came from a live animal market. Then from pigs to humans that eventually becomes efficiently transmittable from person to person. That leading to a severe pandemic.

    The pathogen and the disease it causes were modelled largely on S.A.R.S., but it is more transmittable in the community by people with mild symptoms. That’s straight from the website.

    For the scenario on the website the outbreak starts in pig farms in Braziland goes global during successive months up to the 18 month life-cycle of the exercise. So it will be interesting to see how long this pandemic lasts. At which point it supposes that 65 million people will have died from it and either a vaccine or so called herd immunity response would take over and the world will be able to carry on.

    I just thought it an interesting coincidence that a month or so before the biggest declared pandemic I have known with the same pathogen that matches the scenario breaks out there is a meeting to discuss a similar thing happening. Let’s hope the real world death toll doesn’t reach anywhere near the 65 million envisaged in the scenario, but the way the figures have been artificially forced up from the start to frighten people I won’t hold my breath.

    As a footnote the event was funded by Open Philanthropy Project, a left of centre non-profit making organisation founded in 2016. It is the fund raising arm of Open Philanthropy Action Fund.

    The Open Philanthropy Project (O.P.P.) directs tens of millions of dollars to animal rights organisations, amounting to $64 million since 2016. Upto $10 million to the Humane League, a vegan group that heckles food companies with harassing phone calls, e-mails, tweets and street protests. Animal welfare is not the true ideal for Lewis Bollard and his allies, however. Nothing short of stopping the use of animals for food is the true goal.

    Open Philanthropy Project has also steered funding to other left wing groups.

    The Urban Institute; a progressive organisation advocating for lax criminal punishment, higher taxes and a host of other left wing causes.

    People’s Action/ People’s Action Institute; A supporter of left wing agitation tactics including intimidation, protesting and trespassing.

    Drug Policy Alliance; A George Soros funded organisation that advocates decriminalising the use of heroin and other hard drugs.

    Climateworks Foundation; A dark moneygroup that funds radical enviromentalist groups around the world.

    Much like George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, another well documented funder of liberal causes, O.P.P. is a gravy train for propping up radical activists who otherwise may have little popular support. This organisation is very likely to be a long term funding source for animal rights activism and something the wider public deserves to be aware of.

    Breaking Free From Batteries.

    Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com

    A tremendous headline I saw recently for a world reliant on all sorts of power storage mediums. I thought a wider audience for this M.I.T. research would be beneficial.

    A new startup named Everactive has developed a type of industrial sensor that can run around the clock, require minimal maintenance and can last 20 years plus.

    The crux of the development is their ultra low power integrated circuits. With the harvesting of resources from indoor lights and vibrations to generate data. The sensors continuously send that data to Everactive’s cloud based dashboard which gives users real-time insights, analysis and alerts to expose the full power of industrial, internet of things(I.O.T.), devices.

    Everactive co-chief technology officer David Wentzloff SM, PHD, is quoted as saying, “it’s all enabled by the ultra low power chips that support continuous monitoring. Also because our scource of power is unlimited, we’re not making trade-offs like keeping radios off or doing something else to save battery life.” From an article by Zach Winn.

    Everactive builds finished products on top of its chips that customers can quickly deploy in large numbers. Its first product monitors steam traps, which release steam condensate out of steam systems. These systems are used in various industries from oil and gas to food production.

    Wentzloff and his Everactive co-founder and co-cto Benton Calhoun SM, PHD, have been working on low power circuit design for more than ten years, beginning with their time at M.I.T.. Calhoun’s research focused on low power digital circuits and memory. While Wentzloff’s focused on low power radios. Wentzloff and Calhoun’s academic labs eventually created a battery-free physiological monitor that could track a users movement, temperature, heart rate and other signals. Then send that data to a phone, all the time running on energy harvested from body heat.

    The sensors can be powered by small vibrations, lights inside a factory as dim as 100 lux and heat differentials below 10 degrees fahrenheit. The company says its sensors cost significantly less to operate than traditional sensors and avoid the maintenance headache that comes with deploying thousands of battery powered devices.

    Beyond Everactives second generation of products, the founders say their sensors are a few years away from being translucent, flexible and the size of a postage stamp. At that point customers would simply need to stick the sensors onto machines to start generating data. Such ease of installation and use would have far-reaching consequences.

    Another article relating to the title and picture above that I would like to talk about could be even more revolutionary, considering the number of mobile phones on the planet.

    Under the heading ‘This Phone Needs No Batteries’, engineers at the University of Washington have taken a very interesting leap into the future of phones without batteries. They have used commercial off-the-shelf components to design a cell phone that can make and receive calls without a battery at all.

    Shyam Gollakota, an associate professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the U. W. and co-author on a paper describing the technology. Is quoted as saying “We’ve built what we believe is the first functioning cell phone that consumes almost zero power.”

    The phone pulls its power from the environment, either from ambient radio waves harvested by an antenna, or by light collected by a solar cell the size of a grain of rice. The device consumes just 3.5 microwatts. The biggest step was eliminating the analogue to digital convertor that turns your voice into data. Instead they took advantage of the tiny vibrations that happen in a microphone when a person is talking into it, or a speaker when someone is listening.

    An antenna converts that motion into radio signals in a way that uses almost no power. The only downside is that the user has to press a button to switch between speaking and listening modes. In testing the engineers were able to make calls and even use skype.

    At the moment the battery-free phone needs a custom base station to transmit and receive calls. But they say there was no reason why the technology couldn’t be integrated into standard mobile network infrastructure.

    If every house had a wi-fi router then you could have battery-free cell phone coverage everywhere, something to think about.

    Deep Underground Tunnelling.

    Photo by Xi Xi on Pexels.com

    I’d like to talk about military underground tunnelling because I feel a separate underground community is being constructed in various places across the globe. These communities are driven by the worlds militaries with near unlimited funds from black budgets to genuine military budgets open to oversight. Reading and watching youtube talks given by Phil Schnieder and about him I was fascinated by the world he lived in. Here is an excerpt from a testimonial by his ex-wife Cynthia Schnieder-Drayer.

    Phil’s ex-wife Cynthia Drayer puts the story straight about Phil Schnieder. She was divorced from Phil in 1990. Phil lived in an apartment complex in Wilsonville, Oregon, Cynthia lives in Portland, Oregon.

    According to Cynthia his early work was in building underground mountain bases with Morrison-Knudson. Later working for the Army Corps of Engineers and U. S. Navy. Black budget work was the mainstay and he was under strict instructions not to divulge anything of what he’d seen, as are all military personnel. She goes on to say that the reasons he started lecturing and lifting the lid on things he’d seen were known to her.

    Firstly, Phil’s working on black budget underground bases for the military. He had something called ‘Rhyolitic’ clearance and his father, Capt. Otto Oscar Schnieder, had ‘Cosmic’ clearance according to Cynthia. His father Otto had been heavily into black budget operations too.

    Secondly, Phil’s father, Capt. Otto Oscar Schnieder had been another reason. After his death in 1993, Phil had found piles of documentation and photographs telling of his fathers career.

    Thirdly, and probably the biggest reason was due to the suicide/ murder of his friend Ron Rummel. Ron was found in a park in Portland in sept 1993 looking like he’d shot himself through the mouth. However Cynthia says the detectives report said that the gun was clean, whereas Rons hand had blood spatter. Phil, Ron and five other were writing a magazine called ‘The Alien Digest.’ It had good circulation figures when Ron was found in the park. Phil Schnieder thought the only thing to do was to tell all before he was silenced. Needless to say all Phil’s documentation, alien metal specimens, photographs and notes on a book he was writing were missing after Phil’s suicide/ murder. However gold coins, wallet containing hundreds of dollars, jewellery, etc. were untouched.

    I mention the background above to fill the reader in on the person who inspired this blog. I feel it is a story that needs to be told and circulated. His talks were very interesting and full of facts from his own mouth. I picked up on one of the tunnelling machines they used to build the underground bases with.

    Phil described a tunnelling machine that could go seven miles underground in a day and leave glass-like walls to the tunnel. I thought it would be easier to corroborate a tunnelling machine than any of the other things he talked about.

    So I browsed the internet to find a similar vehicle, Nothing.

    It was only after reading a book a couple of years later, on the subject of ‘underground bases’, that I came across the mention of a nuclear powered boring machine using liquid lithium at 2000 deg. fahrenheit to melt tunnels 40ft in diameter and leaving glass-like walls.

    So I entered nuclear boring machine into the search engine. It turned up a New York Times article dated 25th Dec, 1971. In which it describes Los Alamos scientists testing prototypes of electric boring devices through solid rock, first 2in dia then bigger. Theorising in the next 10-15years a useable machine would be in existence.

    In 1975 the project for the ‘nuclear subterrene’ was transferred from the national science foundation to the new Dept. of Energy and quietly disappeared, or went black?

    A 1975 patent further specifies that the machine was intended to excavate tunnels 40ft in diameter and the melted rock was pushed to the outside of the boring machine to form a hard glassy tunnel lining.

    Another patent issued just 21 days later, on 27th May 1975, to the U. S. Energy Research and Development Administration, describes a very similar machine. Using thermal melting and using the melted materials (rock, etc.) to form a tunnel wall of solidified material. The thermal heat being supplied by a compact nuclear reactor.

    Forward to mon March 11th, 2013 and a photograph of a United States Airforce tunnel boring machine at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, U. S. A., dated Dec 1982. Heads an article written by Phil Schnieder detailing the use of these machines to build and enlarge massive underground installations in places like Area 51. The government uses various tunnelling machines including the nuclear powered type. He goes on to describe the bases he helped build were 2.66×4.25 cubic miles in size. He said these bases were connected by high speed ‘magneto-leviton’ trains that could travel at speeds upto mach 2.

    I decided to find a manufacturer of nuclear boring machines to see if one could be brought for an amount of money to use. A company called Shanghai Kemei Mechanical and Elactrical Co. Ltd. (KM) came up. The company is located in the Songjiang District of Shanghai.

    Even without the advanced nuclear powered tunnelling machines, modern boring machines can give boring times that enable huge engineering jobs an air of practicality.

    What I am trying to show is that large underground bases/ cities are very possible and according to so-called whistleblowers are in fact real and operating today. The Channel Tunnel would probably the tunnel people could visualise easiest. Taking seven years to build and open to the public. Making it possible to travel under the channel to Paris in 35mins. Just think of what a military organisation could do with virtually unlimited funds to build since the second world war. Using futuristic technology all hidden from sight.

    Even the Germans managed to put most of its most important factories and research installation underground to evade allied bombing during the war.They used nothing more sophisticated than P.O.W’s with picks and shovels. Excavating miles of underground tunnels and vast chambers all over Austria and Germany. I visited the underground hospital they built on Jersey. It was very impressive, no crawling along narrow passages. It has full size hospital corridors with reasonable sized side rooms. If all that and more was built using manual labour in just a few years what the public gets to hear about underground bases nowadays must just be the tip of a very large iceberg.

    Bear in mind this blog is not exhaustive and condenses a lot of information.

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